Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My mission from The Netherlands to Japan: "the mentoring project"

Dear readers,
the posts I write under the name of this blog; “The mentoring project” will have personal elements of mine in it. I write in English, not my native tongue so there will be ‘strange elements’ in the posts now and then. When you don’t mind I’m so glad you join me! I'm Ella de Jong from The Netherlands.

It’s already very late in the evening but I have this urge to start this blog right NOW. Being busy writing a small e-book about Solution Focused Mentoring, I feel the need to tell ‘the world’ at this very moment why it is so important to be a good mentor (and not let the world wait until the book is finished :-) ). It’s just too important!

Can you imagine how much difference it would make for a mentee to have
1. a supportive mentor, one that gives the mentee hope of succeeding because he has heard evidence that shows the mentee has several resources to do well
2. a critical mentor, one that gives the mentee feedback specially about what is wrong, because ‘you learn from your faults’

I love to write about mentoring like nr.1, I really love to present workshops about it using my creative skills to make the workshops very original. My passion, enthusiasm, openness and genuineness has made my workshops so far “most inspiring”. And that is all I want: bringing inspiration to everyone who is a mentoring a beautiful unique person who needs guidance and support. I want to inspire you to be the one that gives them hope; hope they can make progress. I want you to be the one that supports them to sparkle and shine! That’s my mission. From The Netherlands to Japan!

So to all of you: teachers, managers, artists, neighbours, big brothers and sisters, second-third-fourth-year students, executives, scout leaders, when you are asked to be a mentor or seen as one, please be a good one. It means the world for your mentee; you can change the world for them!

Solution Focused Mentoring: simple but not easy.

PS My book will be born with the help of Just give them your e-mailadres and you get e-books for free! My book will give its first smile at the world in January 2015. 

                                                                  A wonderful poster.                                          

                                            Thanks to my sister, my great supportive mentor!

Hope to 'meet' you again at my next blogs
or in real live!
Ella de Jong
Original Creative Solution Focused Workshops - SF Counselor - Coach 

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