Monday, 1 December 2014

The sparkle of hope for a "horrible class".

From Holland to America!
In my first blog I wrote about my mission "From Holland to Japan". But presenting a workshop about Solution Focused Mentoring in Denver is also great of course!

Thanks to Elliott Connie who founded the Solution Focused Expo together with Dr. Linda Metcalf, (both such great specialists in the Solution Focused world!) I am able to do what I love most: teaching professionals to help youngsters. In February 2015 this will be in Denver, USA.

Helping youngsters in a Solution Focused way means getting out of the way as soon as possible. Getting out of the way on time. No sooner no later.  When hope is (re) discovered and there is an awareness of strength, than you as a mentor, as a professional must be prepared to 'let go'.    

Like a story of mentoring but then about a schoolteacher and a "horrible" class:
the teacher is desperate and needs help

The co-worker / mentor kept on asking questions like:
“Did all the kids work that bad?”
“Well, no, not all of them …”
 “Where there kids behaving normal?”
“Well, yes, a few of them were just nice”
“Ah, so, a few were nice!”

“What was a time, today, where things weren’t so bad?”
“Well, when we all worked on our art assignment…”
“Okay, what else?
“And there where 6 minutes totally quiet time while we were doing maths ..”
“Okay, what else?”
“And, well …”

"You mentioned an art assignment. Despite of this "horrible class" you gave them a creative assignment and they all worked on that. Can you tell me in detail what happened at that time?"

These kind of questions kept the sparkle of hope lightning up, shine a light on the resources and the strengths of the teacher. It was all the teacher needed.

We as Solution Focused Mentors do our utmost best to point in directions where youngsters can find their hopes, resources and strengths. We do that in the most efficient way: utilising their context, using their language and making sure they give themselves compliments. Next blog more about that. And what is needed to make it work. Actually, the blog "Celebrate!" of December 2014 tells you a lot!

By for now,
Smile and shine: you and your mentee!

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