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Celebrate! From Holland to the whole wide world!

Celebrate! From Holland to the whole wide world!
Counselling in my hometown in Holland, presenting workshops in America: all great things to do and still I was longing for Japan or any other country that represented 'the whole world' for me. I found my way to reach that goal: writing a book!

My e-book about solution focused mentoring will hopefully finds its way through 'the whole wide world'. It will be free to download (end of January '15 at www.bookboon.com), easy to read and small. I have written it as a learning book using the metaphor of making a lovely diner utilising the five senses. 

In my previous blog I promised to write about:  " ... making sure they give themselves compliments." Mentioning what kinds of successes you have accomplished is in its way celebrating your succes. I think celebrating your successes is very important.

I describe in my book the values of being able to celebrate and I write about the required attitude and skills you need, as a solution focused mentor, to make your mentee mentioning her (or his) successes. 
Some lines out of the book:

Value of celebrating:

·       It is internalizing and stays with your Mentee even in times of failure and frustration.
·       It empowers.
·       It creates smiles.

     Attitude to make your mentee mentioning her successes: 
·       You are eager to make her the expert of knowing her skills and resources useful for her goal.
·       You (strongly) believe in your Mentee.

   Skills to make your mentee mentioning her successes:

·       Acknowledge it has not been easy sometimes (use your Mentees words! Like: “it was hard” or “it was tough”) and still she was able to … 
·       Ask questions in the right direction. How did you do that? Who would say “well done!”? (Your pet can join in!). What pleases you in that part? What else? 

      The book has many more values, attitudes, skills, true stories and tasks in it. I've written it to be of use for everyone in the whole wide world who is or will be a mentor one day. For all the unique persons in the world who hope to find a great mentor.

      I'll end with the beautiful words from Patti Austin. I like to change 'great talents' for 'mentors and mentees': 

“Whether older to younger, or younger to older … once again, it has been proven that mentoring knows no age.

When great talents collide, we are reminded that without inspiration, education or support there is no evolving and without emotional sustenance, without a positive influence in our lives, we can become lost, disconnected and unstable.

As individuals and as a society.”
Patti Austin

By for now,
Smile and shine: you and your mentee!

Hope you and your mentee will be proud!


e-book title: Solution Focused Mentoring: 5 Steps to get the best out of your mentee and yourself.

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