Monday, 9 March 2015

Energy or passion or connection? What is most important in your work?

I found myself this weekend singing at the top of my lungs: "Two out of three ain't bad." and all the rest (true: ALL) of the record 'Bat out of Hell' form Meatloaf.
Is he right by stating this? Wanting, needing, loving... Is it possible to leave one out in a good relationship? What about work? Is it possible for me to do my work without significant 'connections' but with the passion and the energy I have inside? I can see connections as 'loving', passion as 'wanting' and energy as 'needing' for obvious reasons.
Once, I've tried to do the work that I loved with a minimum of connection. And without recognising it, in time, I lost my energy; I just kept on trying and trying, looking at my efforts, from different angles, to make things work, I tried again. I tried over and over because I knew I 'have what it takes' (in this case: be an enthusiastic, empathic, innovative and hard working teacher). It didn't work.
When I found out and declared "this doesn't work" or "two out of three, for me, is not enough", my mind opened up for all kind of opportunities. My energy was rising and I found myself singing at the top of my lungs! 
I have such great ideas as an entrepreneur and all ideas are about connecting people with inspiring and empowering content via mail, workshops, e-books, teaching etc.. I just need a lot of time and money to realise everything :-) but it makes it so very clear: how could I ever think 'two out of three ain't bad"? This is what I am passionate about: connecting, helping, make others shine. Just what Jeff Haden wrote as number 1 in 9 things great entrepreneurs are too humble about.
So ... I want to feel passion when working, I need to have enough energy to make it all happen and I cannot do without love; without connections to do a good job. 

Perhaps it is a good idea for you as mentors, teachers, parents, supporters of others (or of yourself) to see whether everything is there. What makes them (makes you) smile when thinking about work, achievements? It's good to know what is missing and besides that it is SO NICE to be able to give words to what really is important for them (for you). Each word is valuable, too bad to get lost!
Smile to you all, Ella
Ella de Jong, Inspire to empower, all over the world!

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March 9, 2015

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