Friday, 21 August 2015

New goals and new opportunities!

I was a teacher for 30 years, now I am an entrepreneur. Full time!

Excited and with a lot of energy I'm taking this challenge.
With a lot of uncertainties and energy draining issues I take my chance!
It's a year of unpaid leave...  I want it to work and have a lot more years after this one.

I have this big goal in mind, so I háve to succeed. I need some time to reach out to all 500.000 men and women I want to tell about my vision of helping others.

Here are a few tips to work on your goals:

  • Divide your goal into parts, you get an overview of smaller goals which are easier to reach 
  • Make sure you get inspired by others, it makes you realise how much energy you have inside!
  • Work with time schedules like for one hour blocks to stay focused
  • Share your new ideas with different people. You get a clear idea of what you want to achieve 
  • Blogging works great: you have to be very 'spot on' in describing your goal to make others understand you :-)   

It's not easy working on big goals, there are so MANY parts to work on! Choices have to be made. What is to be achieved "fast and quick"?

A few days ago I could achieve something real quick and totally unexpected. By changing the name of my English and Dutch blogger name into 'Strength Building Communication' I had completed one of my smaller goals. The goal was: "name recognition". I made a start and it didn't took me a lot of time! 

The creation of a (my) brand new training: Strength Building Communication (SBC) takes a lot more of my time. But I'm so exited to make it a real great training! My experience as a teacher comes at hand because I've seen how deep level learning works. I cannot wait to start with the training! 

In my training you learn how to help others based on the solution focused approach, using words and creativity like music, drama and drawing. 

I have no idea how many care givers will attend my training, but I do know I've already reached over 10.000 people who downloaded my e-book! Who would have expected something like that? Not me! I'm very happy with it because the book is also describing a helpful way of mentoring by strength building communication.
Bookboon: Solution Focused Mentoring: 5 Steps to bring out the best in your Mentee and yourself.
Amazon: Solution Focused Mentoring: 5 Steps to bring out the best in your Mentee and yourself.

Now that I am a full time entrepreneur I see more opportunities and chances to reach my goal. Although I'm not able to work on it right away, those new chances make me energised. And energy you need in everything you do!

I hope I have inspired you and gave you some energy to work on your (old or new, big or small) goals! Who knows, we'll meet one day and inspire each other! Do you have an idea or a question, just let me know!

Smile, Ella

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