Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Empowerment in 5 steps! Stay focused when you know it's YOUR goal!

Growing up without compliments, six (6!) brothers and two sisters I cannot tell from experience how helpful family can be to achieve your goals :-) 
I am capable of telling you how you can reach for your goals all by yourself.
Like one of my sisters I have this passion to write and to help others. She writes about being unwillingly single and how to deal with grief all by herself. The first thing one of my brothers said after she told him she had written a small book, was: "And you really think people are waiting for a book of yours?" ...
I have great respect for her, keeping her head up and believing she could help people by publishing this book. She did it all on her own! Well, I did support her of course but for two years now, I know that the real coping with your (negative, doubtful ) feelings has to be done by yourself ...
How do we manage to empower ourselves in spite of our big brothers?  :-)

Here are our tools (or rules) for empowerment:
  1. Smile    Smile with your whole body and mind. It means: you're welcome with your ideas, thoughts and actions. Let's hear, let's see! It's an ACT of complete openness.
  2. Believe in yourself   Facts count! You believe because you KNOW what you have done before was successful. Something that worked; something that was good. It doesn't have to be big and smart and beautiful. Just enough to know you can rely on to take the next step. 
  3.  Communicate  Talk to yourself, talk with your pets, with your spouse, friends and neighbours about what makes it worthwhile to go on with your idea, to put all that effort into it, to stay focused on this particular issue for so long? When your INTUITIVE radar is constantly in the green zone despite difficult questions, you know there is nothing gonna to stop you!  
  4. Celebrate    Allow yourself to be happy with your (tiny) result. Put your arms in the air and scream out loud: YESSS!!  Write it down, buy yourself an ice cream, go to a concert. Just make yourself  FEEL inside you're doing the right thing.
  5. Start all over  Smile + Believe + Communicate + Celebrate + Smile + Be …

Empowerment is needed in all kinds of situations (business, school, at home, sports) and in all stages of life. It's fun and not hard to empower others, it’s something great mentors love to do!

Mentors follow the steps 1 to 5 over and over again!
You can be your own empowering mentor!
It's because I recognised such a lot in the way The Solution Focused Approach works and what my sister and I love to do, it made me fall in love with the approach immediately. Creating wonderful results (evidence based) in mental health service, in schools, in business, in sports; just everywhere 'empowerment' is involved. 
Hope you have fun empowering others and yourself!
Smile, Ella
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This blog was born on the 23h of June at Pulse LinkedIn. I love to show it everywhere :-) and would love to hear an empowering story of yours! 

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